How to Organize Shirts in Your Drawer: 5 Ideas We Recommend

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Are your shirt drawers in a state of chaos, with t-shirts haphazardly shoved in? Don’t worry, we have 5 creative ideas to transform your drawer organization and amp up your home organization and improvement efforts.

One simple trick that can make a world of difference is the way you fold your shirts and arrange them in your drawer. By using a folding and filing method, you can easily find the shirt you want when getting dressed in the morning.

This technique has been proven to work and is easy to implement, making it a popular choice among readers.

Steps for Folding T-Shirts & Other Shirts

When it comes to home organization, decluttering your space is essential. Properly folding and organizing your shirts can make a significant difference in creating an organized and visually appealing drawer. Follow these simple steps to achieve a uniform and tidy look for your shirt collection:

  1. Start by laying your shirt flat on a clean, flat surface. Smooth out any wrinkles to ensure a neat fold.
  2. Take one side of the shirt and fold it towards the center, about one-third of the way.
  3. Repeat the previous step with the other side, so the shirt is folded into thirds, with the sleeves aligned in the middle.
  4. Now, fold the bottom of the shirt up towards the top, so it rests just below the collar.
  5. Finally, fold the shirt in half from top to bottom, creating a compact folded shirt that stands on its own.

If you’re looking for a quicker and more consistent way to fold your shirts, consider using a laundry folder board. These boards provide a template for folding shirts, ensuring a standardized size and shape for each one.


A laundry folder board


Alternatively, if you prefer to save space or create a unique visual appeal, you can roll your shirts instead of folding them. Rolling shirts not only saves space but also allows you to see all the shirts at a glance when you open your drawer.

Folding Tips for Different Types of Shirts

While the folding method mentioned above works well for most shirts, certain types of shirts may require some modifications:

  • Tank tops: To maximize space, you can roll tank tops instead of folding them. This method also prevents straps from getting tangled.
  • Dress shirts: For dress shirts, consider placing tissue paper or a cardboard collar stay inside the collar to maintain its shape during folding.
  • T-shirts with prints: To prevent graphic prints from cracking or peeling, fold these shirts inside out before proceeding with the regular folding method.

5 Oranisation ideas for your drawers

  1. Color Coordination:

Sets of cloths folded in color sets in a drawer

One of the simplest and most visually appealing ways to organize shirts in your drawer is by color coordination. Arrange your shirts according to the color spectrum, from light to dark or vice versa. This method not only creates a pleasing visual effect but also makes it effortless to find the shirt you’re looking for, especially when you’re in a hurry. Consider investing in dividers or organizers to maintain the color order consistently.

  1. Folding Techniques:

Sets of cloths neatly arranged in a drawer

Mastering the art of folding can transform the way your shirts fit into your drawer. Instead of stacking them haphazardly, use a folding technique that maximizes space and minimizes wrinkles. The KonMari method, for instance, involves folding shirts into compact rectangles that can be stood up vertically. This allows you to see all your shirts at once and pick the one you want without disrupting the others.

  1. Seasonal Rotation:

cloths folded on the floor close to a drawer, not inside the drawer

To keep your drawer clutter-free and ensure you’re only dealing with relevant options, consider implementing a seasonal rotation system. During the colder months, place warmer fabrics and long-sleeved shirts towards the front. As the seasons change, swap them out for lighter materials and short sleeves. This not only keeps your drawer organized but also helps you identify shirts suitable for the current weather.

  1. Drawer Dividers:

a wardrobe withe different dividers

Investing in drawer dividers or organizers can be a game-changer in maintaining a well-organized shirt collection. These dividers can create designated sections for different types of shirts, such as casual, formal, or workout wear. With each shirt having its designated spot, you’ll be less likely to create a mess when searching for a specific item. Drawer dividers are available in various styles and materials to suit your preferences and needs.

  1. Frequency of Use:

Consider organizing your shirts based on how frequently you wear them. Place your most-worn shirts at the front of the drawer for easy access, while less frequently worn items can be towards the back. This way, you won’t have to sift through shirts you rarely wear to find your everyday favorites. It’s a practical approach that saves time and keeps your drawer tidy.

interior design


Remember, organization is a skill that can benefit everyone in the household. By embracing this folding technique, you create a home environment where both adults and children can thrive. With an organized space, you’ll experience increased productivity, reduced stress, and a greater sense of harmony within your home.


Organizing shirts in your drawer is a small task that can have a significant impact on your home organization and improvement efforts. By adopting the folding and filing method detailed in this article, you can achieve a neatly organized drawer where finding your desired shirt becomes effortless.

Regardless of whether you’re an adult looking to optimize your wardrobe or a parent seeking solutions for your children’s clothing, this method caters to all needs. Embrace this simple yet impactful organizing tip to transform your shirt drawers, enhance your home’s overall aesthetic, and reclaim the joy of a well-organized space.


Why should I organize my shirts in a drawer?

Organizing your shirts in a drawer can improve your overall home organization and create a sense of order and cleanliness. It also makes it easier to find the shirt you want quickly and saves space in your wardrobe.

Can I use a laundry folder board for folding my shirts?

Yes, using a laundry folder board can help you achieve faster and more consistent results when folding your shirts. It creates uniform folds and makes the process easier, especially if you have a large number of shirts to fold.

Is rolling up shirts instead of folding them a good option?

Yes, rolling up shirts can be a great alternative to folding, especially if you want to save space in your drawer. Rolling also creates a different visual appeal and prevents wrinkles, making it a popular choice for travel or storing shirts in smaller spaces.

How can organizing shirts in my drawer save space?

When shirts are folded or rolled and arranged vertically using the folding and filing method, you can fit more shirts into the same amount of space. This allows you to optimize your drawer’s capacity and avoid overcrowding, making it easier to see and access your shirts.

Do I need any special tools or equipment for this folding technique?

No, you don’t necessarily need any special tools or equipment for this folding technique. It can be done with just your hands and a flat surface. However, using a laundry folder board can make the process faster and more consistent.

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