50 things to throw away for instant decluttering in your home

50 things to throw away for instant decluttering

Are you tired of living in a cluttered home? Do you feel like your space is always messy, no matter how much cleaning you do? If so, it might be time to declutter. The act of getting rid of things that are taking up unnecessary space can transform your environment and help you feel more organized and at ease.

In this article, we will provide you with 50 things to throw away for instant decluttering in your home. By the end of this read, we hope that not only will your surroundings look better but also make way for positive energy to flow through the house.


  1. Expired food: Go through every item in your pantry, fridge, and freezer – check the expiry dates on each one and discard anything past its prime.
  2. Unused appliances: If there are appliances like old refrigerators and ovens in your kitchen that haven’t been used in six months or longer – consider donating or selling them.
  3. Duplicates: How many spatulas or ladles does one person really need? Keep only what’s necessary.
  4. Takeout menus: With today’s technology options available online easily; take-out menus have become redundant.
  5. Broken dishes/glasses/mugs/cups/etc.: Get rid of chipped items as they pose a risk when consuming hot beverages.

Living Room

  1. Magazines/newspapers/catalogs/junk mail: Allowing paper clutter into our homes has become outdated due to digitalization – recycle them!
  2. DVDs/CDs/VHS tapes: If these are collecting dust without being played – let go of them.
  3. Old electronics (phones/Laptops): Sell/donate old gadgets which are no longer used rather than hoarding them around the house
  4. Extra pillows/throws/blankest: These add up quickly leaving less room for free movement while offering little value beyond aesthetics
  5. Decorative items that no longer serve any purpose: Holding on to things that do not fit the current décor of the house adds nothing but a mess.


  1. Clothes that don’t fit/ haven’t been worn in over a year: Donate clothes that have been hiding for years, as it’s unlikely they will be used again.
  2. Worn-out shoes/sneakers: Shoes wear out with constant use and should be replaced when needed – donate them if still usable.
  3. Old/unused makeup or skincare products: These can expire quickly and become harmful to our skin health – dispose off those which are past their expiry date.
  4. Tarnished or broken jewelry: If you find jewelry pieces you’re never wearing due to tarnish or damage, give away or recycle them appropriately
  5. Extra bedding /linens/pillows: Extra linens may seem like a good idea until they start taking up too much space and needlessly cluttering your room.


16. Expired medications: Discard expired medicines immediately rather than keeping them around “just in case”
17. Empty shampoo/body wash bottles: Empty containers serve no purpose other than adding clutter – discard once empty amp; replace with new ones.
18. Old toothbrushes/toothpaste tubes/floss containers etc.: Replace these items every few months, disposing of old ones safely as required by local guidelines
19. Worn towels: Overused towels lose absorbency & become scratchy over time- replace with newer ones whenever necessary
20. Dried-up nail polish/nail polish remover/cotton balls/q-tips/hair ties etc.: These items take up space without serving any real value beyond occasional usage.


21. Clothes that are outdated/stained/damaged/wrong size/uncomfortable  – make way for fresh attire by donating such clothing items to others who could use them more.

  1. Shoes that no longer fit or are uncomfortable: Like clothing, shoes can lose their shape when overused and become uncomfortable to wear – donate gently used ones instead of hoarding them.
  2. Accessories/jewelry that doesn’t match current style: Accessories may seem like small enough items to hold on to but accumulate quickly into clutter if not sorted regularly
  3. Unused purses/bags/backpacks etc.: If it’s just sitting there taking up space – let someone else put it to good use!
  4. Extra hangers: Excess hangers only take up unnecessary space in your closet; give away the extras.

Home Office

26. Old bills/receipts/credit card statements/tax records etc.: It’s important to keep organized financial records but once they have served their purpose, discard them safely as per local guidelines.
27. Electronics cords/chargers/adapters for devices you no longer own or use: Cords without devices are useless & add clutter- discard them properly. 
28. Books/magazines/catalogs/manuals/guides/pamphlets/outdated paperwork: Digitally stored information has made physical copies redundant in most cases – recycle such paper documents wherever possible
29. Office supplies out of date /never used (sticky notes/staplers/hole punchers/etc): These office supplies build up quickly if not managed regularly- clear excess off your desk area.
30. Pens/pencils/markers that don’t work anymore: Holding onto writing utensils that do not function is pointless and adds unnecessary clutter.


31. Worn-out tires/oil cans/car parts/tools: Discard broken tools or car parts which won’t be repaired anytime soon- replace with new equipment needed instead
32. Paint cans/solvents/lawn chemicals/fertilizers/weed killer past due date – dispose of these carefully following local regulations.
33. Broken bikes/skateboards/rollerblades: As much as we may love our old toys, it’s time to let go of the broken ones and make space for new adventures.
34. Outgrown sports equipment: Donate unused or outgrown sports gear to local youth organizations or schools
35. Old holiday decorations: Decorations can be sentimental, but if they are no longer appealing or not in use – get rid of them.

Kids’ Room

  1. Broken/damaged toys/games/puzzles: Toys that have seen better days can pose a risk to children – dispose of safely as per local guidelines
  2. Clothes that no longer fit/worn-out shoes/hand-me-downs from siblings: Donating gently used items will help other families while clearing up clutter in your own home. 
  3. Crayons/markers/chalk which are dried-up /missing lids: Art supplies should be kept fresh & organized- toss any damaged items.
  4. Excess stuffed animals/dolls/action figures/etc.: Keep only what is loved by kids for playtime; donating extra toys creates more space for activities
  5. Unplayed-with books: Books hold value even when not being read but unloved books take up unnecessary room and create clutter.

Laundry Room

41. Worn-out cleaning tools (brooms/mops/dusters): Replace these regularly with newer versions once worn out beyond their usage limit.
42. Empty detergent/fabric softener bottles/jugs/tubs etc.: Empty containers serve no purpose other than adding clutter- discard immediately once empty
43. Dryer lint/cleaning supplies past their prime/expired laundry products: Discard outdated products such as detergents, fabric refreshers, etc., replacing them with new ones instead.
44. Old towels/rags/stained clothing/unusable linens/etc.: These items hinder rather than help us do laundry effectively; recycle where appropriate
45. Extra hangers: Excess hangers only take up unnecessary space in your closet; give away the extras.


  1. Unused gift wrap/tissue paper/bows: Holding on to unused wrapping materials from past occasions adds clutter- get rid of it.
  2. Extra shopping bags/plastic containers/paper plates etc.: These items build up quickly and add little value beyond their intended usage – donate or recycle when possible.
  3. Old greeting cards/birthday/anniversary/thank you notes/etc.: Keep sentimental cards, but dispose of any that no longer hold meaning besides taking valuable storage space
  4. Outdated calendars/planners/notebooks/folders: Clean out accumulated stationery by keeping useful ones while disposing of outdated material
  5. Paperback books we’ve already read – consider donating them to local libraries, schools, or senior centers instead of hoarding them around the house.


Decluttering is a continuous process and can be overwhelming at times. But with this guide of 50 things to throw away for instant home decluttering you can rest assured of a neat and tidy home. A clean environment will bring positive energy flow throughout your home which ultimately benefits mental health & well-being overall!

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