A Beginner’s Friendly Guide on How to Make Your Backyard Look Nice

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Are you looking on how to make your backyard look nice and turn it into a beautiful and inviting outdoor living space? You don’t have to be a professional landscaper or spend a fortune to make your outdoor area a true oasis. With these beginner-friendly tips and DIY projects, you can give your backyard a makeover that will impress both your family and guests.

When it comes to home improvement, the backyard often gets overlooked. But with a little bit of planning and creativity, you can turn your outdoor space into a haven for relaxation and entertainment. From simple home organization ideas to stunning landscaping tips, we have you covered.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Transforming your backyard into an outdoor living space doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming.
  • DIY projects are a budget-friendly way to add personal touches and improve your backyard.
  • Adding cozy elements like pillows and a fire pit can make your backyard more inviting.
  • Planting colorful perennials can enhance the beauty of your backyard without breaking the bank.
  • Investing in key furniture pieces and affordable accents can help create a stylish outdoor space.

Creating Outdoor Furniture on a Budget with DIY Geometric Planters

When it comes to making your backyard look nice, having the right outdoor furniture and planters is key. However, purchasing expensive options can quickly eat into your budget. That’s why we recommend getting creative and making your own furniture and planters on a budget. Not only will you save money, but you’ll also have unique pieces that add charm and personality to your outdoor space.

One DIY project that’s both cost-effective and visually appealing is creating geometric planters using corrugated plastic. These planters are easy to make and can be customized to match your backyard’s color scheme. Simply cut the plastic into geometric shapes, fold and secure the edges, and voila! You have affordable planters that add a modern touch to your outdoor oasis.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to create your own DIY geometric planters:

  1. Measure and mark the dimensions for your desired geometric shape on the corrugated plastic.
  2. Carefully cut along the marked lines using a sharp utility knife or scissors.
  3. Fold the edges of the plastic inward, using strong adhesive or tape to secure the shape.
  4. Make drainage holes on the bottom of the planter to ensure proper water flow.
  5. Paint the planters in colors of your choice or leave them as is for a minimalist look.
  6. Fill the planters with soil and add your favorite plants or flowers.
  7. Place the DIY geometric planters strategically around your backyard to create visual interest.

With these DIY geometric planters, you’ll have beautiful and affordable outdoor furniture that perfectly complements your backyard. The best part is that you can customize the planters to fit your style and aesthetic preferences. Whether you have a small or large outdoor space, these DIY projects are a great way to add a personal touch without breaking the bank.

In addition to the DIY geometric planters, there are plenty of other budget-friendly landscaping tips and projects you can explore to enhance the look of your backyard. From repurposing old furniture to creating DIY fire pits, there’s no shortage of creative ideas to transform your outdoor space into a tranquil retreat. Let your imagination run wild and get started on your backyard makeover today!

Adding Cozy Touches with Pillows and Fire Pit

To make your backyard more inviting and comfortable, consider adding cozy touches such as pillows and a fire pit. By piling on pillows on your wood and metal patio furniture, you can create a cozy and stylish look that lasts throughout the season. Additionally, building your own backyard fire pit using inexpensive materials like angled pavers and gravel can provide a warm and enjoyable gathering space for your family. To complete the cozy vibe, you can also add more affordable accents like pillows and string lights to your backyard.

outdoor pillows

One way to enhance the comfort of your outdoor seating area is by adding outdoor pillows. Not only do they provide extra cushioning, but they also add a pop of color and style to your patio furniture. Whether you have wood or metal patio furniture, outdoor pillows are a great way to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Choose pillows with weather-resistant fabrics and vibrant patterns to complement the overall design of your backyard.

Benefits of Outdoor Pillows:

  • Adds comfort to your outdoor seating area.
  • Enhances the visual appeal of your patio furniture.
  • Provides an opportunity to incorporate different colors and patterns.
  • Can be easily changed or replaced to update the look of your backyard.

Building a Backyard Fire Pit:

In addition to pillows, a backyard fire pit is a fantastic addition to create a cozy ambiance and a focal point for gatherings. Building your own fire pit is a cost-effective option that can transform your outdoor space. Here’s a simple way to build a backyard fire pit:

  1. Choose the location for your fire pit, ensuring it is a safe distance from any structures or flammable materials.
  2. Outline the shape of your fire pit using spray paint or marking stakes.
  3. Excavate the area within the outlined shape, removing any grass or debris.
  4. Add a layer of gravel to the excavated area to create a solid base.
  5. Arrange angled pavers or concrete blocks around the perimeter of the fire pit, securely stacking them in a circular or square shape.
  6. Continue stacking the pavers or blocks, creating additional layers until the desired height is reached.
  7. Fill the center of the fire pit with gravel to create a fire-safe area.
  8. Test the stability of the fire pit and make any necessary adjustments before lighting a fire.

Once your fire pit is complete, you can enjoy leisurely evenings by the fire, roasting marshmallows, and creating lasting memories with loved ones.

Benefits of a Backyard Fire Pit:

  • Provides warmth and comfort on cool evenings.
  • Serves as a gathering space for family and friends.
  • Adds a focal point and visual interest to your backyard.
  • Allows for outdoor cooking and entertaining.

Affordable Accents for a Cozy Backyard:

In addition to outdoor pillows and a fire pit, there are other affordable accents that can enhance the cozy atmosphere of your backyard:

  • String lights: Hang string lights across your outdoor space to create a charming and magical ambiance.
  • Outdoor rugs: Define different areas of your backyard with outdoor rugs to add texture and warmth.
  • Patio umbrellas: Provide shade and create a cozy seating area with the addition of patio umbrellas.
  • Throw blankets: Keep cozy during chilly evenings by adding throw blankets to your outdoor seating areas.

These affordable accents can easily be incorporated into your backyard design, allowing you to create a cozy and inviting outdoor oasis without breaking the bank.

Enhancing the Beauty of Your Backyard with Colorful Perennials

Adding colorful perennials to your flower beds is a great way to enhance the beauty of your backyard without spending a fortune. Perennials come back year after year, which means you’ll save money on landscaping in the long run. By filling your flower beds with a variety of colorful perennials, you can create a vibrant and blooming backyard that brings joy every spring. Just make sure to properly prepare the soil and perform the necessary maintenance to keep your perennials looking their best.

Benefits of Colorful Perennials

Colorful perennials offer several benefits for your backyard:

  • Longevity: Perennials are plants that live for more than two years, allowing you to enjoy their beauty for seasons to come.
  • Cost-effective: By planting perennials, you save money on annual plants and the need for constant re-planting.
  • Variety: There is a wide range of colorful perennials to choose from, offering endless options to suit your backyard’s aesthetic.
  • Natural habitat: Perennials attract beneficial insects and pollinators to your garden, creating a thriving ecosystem.

When selecting perennials for your flower beds, consider factors such as blooming period, sun exposure, and soil conditions. By choosing a mix of early, mid, and late-season perennials, you can ensure a continuous display of vibrant colors throughout the growing season.

Maintenance Tips for Colorful Perennials

To keep your colorful perennials looking their best, follow these maintenance tips:

  1. Watering: Ensure your perennials receive adequate moisture, especially during dry periods. Be careful not to overwater, as it can lead to root rot.
  2. Pruning: Regularly prune dead or damaged foliage to encourage new growth and maintain a tidy appearance.
  3. Weeding: Remove weeds regularly to prevent competition for nutrients and space.
  4. Fertilizing: Apply a slow-release fertilizer in early spring to provide your perennials with the necessary nutrients for healthy growth.
  5. Division: Every few years, divide overcrowded perennials to promote better growth and prevent their spread.

flower beds

Investing in Key Pieces and Affordable Accents

When it comes to creating a backyard you’ll love, investing in key pieces and incorporating affordable accents is the perfect strategy. By carefully selecting a few high-quality items and complementing them with budget-friendly accents, you can achieve a stylish and inviting outdoor space that fits your budget.

Invest in a Freestanding Fire Pit

A freestanding fire pit is not only a practical addition to your backyard, but it also creates a cozy ambiance for gatherings with friends and family. Consider investing a little extra to get a durable and high-quality fire pit that will stand the test of time.

Choose the Perfect Backyard Furniture

A key piece of your backyard design is the right furniture. Select one special piece that you love and will use regularly, such as a comfortable outdoor sofa or a stylish dining set. Prioritize quality and comfort so that your investment will provide long-lasting enjoyment.

Add Affordable Accents for Charm

Once you have your key pieces in place, it’s time to add affordable accents that bring charm and personality to your backyard. One easy way to do this is by incorporating pillows in vibrant colors and patterns. Not only do they provide added comfort, but they also instantly elevate the look of any outdoor seating area.

Another affordable accent that creates a magical atmosphere during evenings is string lights. Hang them above your patio or pergola to create a warm and inviting glow.

With the combination of investment pieces and affordable accents, you can achieve a backyard that reflects your style and offers a welcoming space for relaxation and entertainment.

freestanding fire pit

Adding Visual Interest with Espaliered Trees and DIY Fixes

To add visual interest and a high-end look to your backyard, we recommend trying out two techniques: espaliering trees and DIY fixes. These creative solutions will enhance the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space without breaking the bank.

Espaliered Trees: A Custom Touch for Your Backyard Fence

One way to create a visually appealing and unique backyard fence is by espaliering trees. This technique involves training a tree to grow in a flat pattern against a fence or trellis, resulting in a beautiful living wall. Not only does it provide privacy and act as a natural barrier, but it also adds texture and dimension to your backyard. You can choose from various tree species, such as apple, pear, or citrus, depending on your climate and personal preferences.

To get started, select a young tree with flexible branches and plant it near your backyard fence. As the tree grows, carefully prune and train the branches along the fence, creating a desired pattern. It may take a few years for the espaliered tree to fully develop, but the end result will be a stunning and elegant addition to your outdoor space.

tree espalier

DIY Fixes: Revamp Your Outdoor Furniture

Another way to add visual interest to your backyard is by giving your outdoor furniture a DIY makeover. Instead of spending money on new pieces, repurposing and updating your existing furniture can have a significant impact on the overall look and feel of your outdoor space.

Start by assessing the condition of your outdoor furniture. If your chairs or tables have chipped paint or worn-out strapping, don’t worry! With a little bit of effort and creativity, you can transform them into stylish and functional pieces.

Consider these DIY fixes:

  • Give your furniture a fresh coat of spray paint in a bold color or a trendy metallic finish.
  • Replace worn-out strapping with new webbing or colorful outdoor fabric for a modern and vibrant look.
  • Clean and restore the original finish of metal furniture using rust remover and protective paint coatings.
  • Apply a wood stain or sealant to revitalize wooden furniture, protecting it from weather damage.
  • Add decorative cushions, pillows, and throws to enhance comfort and style.

Affordable Backyard Ideas for Small Yards: Vertical Gardens and Quick-Mix Concrete Stepping Stones

If you have a small backyard, don’t worry! There are still plenty of affordable and space-saving ideas you can implement to make it beautiful. Let’s explore two fantastic options: vertical gardens and quick-mix concrete stepping stones.

Vertical Gardens

Vertical gardens are a great way to maximize space and create a stunning focal point in your small backyard. They not only add a pop of color but also provide a sense of freshness and serenity. To create your vertical garden, you can use simple boxes made with found wood.

vertical gardens

Arrange the wooden boxes vertically and secure them to a wall or fence. Fill each box with soil and plant your favorite flowers, herbs, or succulents. Be creative with your plant selection to achieve a vibrant and visually appealing display. The vertical garden will become an eye-catching feature, transforming your small yard into a green oasis.

Quick-Mix Concrete Stepping Stones

Another affordable idea to enhance your small backyard is to create quick-mix concrete stepping stones. These stones not only provide a practical pathway but also add an interesting touch to your outdoor space. Plus, they are easy to make!

Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Choose the shape and size of your stepping stones. You can opt for traditional square or rectangular shapes or get creative with circles or irregular shapes.
  2. Prepare the quick-mix concrete according to the manufacturer’s instructions. You can find quick-mix concrete at your local home improvement store.
  3. Pour the concrete into molds of your chosen shapes.
  4. Smooth the surface of the concrete and let it dry for the recommended time.
  5. Once the stepping stones are completely dry, remove them from the molds and lay them in your backyard to create a charming pathway.

Not only are these stepping stones cost-effective, but they also add a unique and personalized touch to your small yard.


Designing and making your backyard look nice doesn’t have to be overwhelming or expensive. At Home Centrale, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to create their dream outdoor oasis within their budget. With our beginner-friendly tips and ideas, you can transform your backyard into a beautiful and enjoyable space that reflects your personal style.

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